Pipeline & Facilities

Geoterra continues to expand its expertise in the energy sector. Over the past decade we have supplied a variety of professional consulting services on Pipelines & Facilities in regards to our Forest & Land Management, Environmental and Underground Line Location services. We have successfully completed numerous, nationally recognized, high profile pipeline projects in Northern British Columbia such as Encana's Ekwan Pipeline, TransCanada's Horn River Pipeline and Spectra Energy's Maxhamish Pipelines. We have recently performed work on the Alaska Pipeline Project and are currently working on the Coastal Gas Link and Prince Rupert Pipeline Projects. Geoterra continues to advance our synergies in traditional British Columbia forestry knowledge with Pipeline and Facility development to offer leading edge consulting services in the energy sector.

Forestry & Land Management

Geoterra specializes in professional British Columbia forestry. We have extensive experience in all aspects of forestry ranging from per-development planning, through operations (Forestry Fibre and Wood Utilization) to reclamation and silviculture. Our land management division offers land agent services that aid our clients in the acquisition of the required BC permits to fulfill project needs. Geoterra has BC Forestry Professional staff with an extensive history and strong British Columbia working relationship with Government, Industry and First Nations.

Underground Line Location Safety

Currently in British Columbia the industry of underground line location safety is on the rise. BC 1 Calls are becoming readily more known to the public with aggressive advertising campaigns from the BC Common Ground Alliance as well as the government to be more safe when you dig. Geoterra provides professional line locators that specialize in the detection of underground facilities. Our locators detect underground facilities on a variety of projects such as pipelines, plant sites, oil and gas leases to local underground infrastructure. Tomorrow is your reward for working safely today.


Geoterra offers a range of environmental and natural resource management services to meet client needs in British Columbia. Our environmental services start in the planning stages, through construction to final reclamation. Geoterra has a long history and excellent working relationship with First Nations, Government and Industry in British Columbia.

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